Who is the Proper Grantee of the Land?

There is a difference between land and property. No corporation in bankruptcy can claim land (and all corporations as corporate sub-divisions of the master corporation are bankrupt); the limited property titles are only certificated titles, or deeds of trust, that are actually property of the United States and the other Nation States, and they in turn have collateralized all such property as pledge against the bankrupt estate.

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Kingdom of David ~ Maxims of Equity

A primary objective of The Ecclesiastical Court for the Kingdom of David is to form a comprehensive, robust, and
dynamic judicial system that raises the integrity of Law to the highest level available at this time on Planet
Earth. The Maxims of Equity will be fundamental to the application of judicial procedures within the D’Vida Private Society judicial system.

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Structure of the Court of the Ekklesia

MEMBER QUESTION: I have read King David’s Brief In Support. It refers to the Court of the Ekklesia for the D’Vida Private Society. I presume this has been done in that court, instead of the Court of the Ekklesia of the Kingdom of David because it has to be independent of him.

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FAQ Life Force – Kimberly Ann Goguen

Kim Goguen’s position as we understand it is based on a unique configuration/convergence of DNA, supposedly only occurring once every 2,000 years, in which she is purported to have every DNA line on the planet integrated in herself.

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The Nature of Bondage

On the record of live birth, the functions of the mother constitute a registration in which she is characterized as the “informant”, which literally means she is putting her newborn into “form”.

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The Kingdom of David’s Law and Authority

The Kingdom of David’s Law and Authority is founded in the historical constructs of the Bible and is not solely a religious basis. The Bible is the foundation of all Law in this world, initially as the basis of Law in the Western system, and eventually extending to the entire world through the legal, monetary, and banking systems.

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