Vol. 5 Part 1 | The Heart of the Matter

This Volume starts the NEW Series of the POP videos, The Heart of the Matter. Points of discussion in this video are:

• Going to Peace
• Sovereign Integrity
• Whole Systems explained
• What does Mutual Benefit really mean?

In this episode Ken takes to the whiteboard and explains how Mutual Benefit and Whole Systems are inter-connected and that going to peace is not being passive – it is being empowered.

The structure of the Kingdom of David is reviewed along with the Combined Courts, and the Treasury. You’ll learn about the treaties of Mutual Cognizance these will be entered into with nation-states, first people domains, and private societies for equal Sovereign Integrity and mutual recognition. The aim to create a vibrant dynamic decentralized co–relationship between all bodies politic.



WATCH THE FOLLOW UP VIDEO with Kelvyn at CounterSpin Media. Ken addresses some audience questions and expands on the topics covered in this video.

A Peek into the Matrix Episode 5 | Going to Peace

Transforming our world to leave a legacy of Peace and Prosperity for the future.